Moving Alpha Forward


Our fraternity runs on the leadership from its members. Our board of directors, committee chairs, and brothers working diligently at the chapter level all over the world and give up their time and talent to help the fraternity run. Please see a listing below of members who volunteer on a daily basis at the national level: 


General President
Everett B. Ward, Ph.D.

General Treasurer
Densel Fleming

Donald E. Jackson

Regional Vice President - East
Lucien J. Metellus

Regional Assistant Vice President - East
Harold Daniels, III 

Regional Vice President - Midwest
Dr. Willis L. Lonzer, III

Regional Assistant Vice President - Midwest
Roderic Rooks, II

Regional Vice President - South
Kelsey Rushing

Regional Assistant Vice President - South
Hisuan B. R. Yates

Regional Vice President - Southwest
Tarrynce Robinson 

Regional Assistant Vice President - Southwest
Richard D. Mudd

Regional Vice President - West
Dondrell Swanson

Regional Assistant Vice President - West
Vance Payne

Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer
Jamie R. Riley, Ph.D.

Immediate Past General President
Mark S. Tillman


General Counsel
Daryl D. Parks

Dr. Robert L. Harris, Jr.


Director of Conventions
Van L. Strickland

John M. Williams

Rev. Jonathan C. Augustine, JD, MDiv.

Sergeant at Arms
James McFadden

Security Director
Perrye Turner



Rules & Credentials
Pierre Rutledge

Resolutions & Recommendations
William J. Jernigan

Awards and Achievement
Dr. Earl H. Duval, Jr.

Grievances and Discipline
Louis Morant


Cash Sutton

Budget & Finance
Ainsley A. Reynolds

E. Christopher Washington

Membership, Standards & Extension
Dr. Stephan W. Bridges

Ramon E. Peralta

Historical Commission
Dr. Robert L. Harris, Jr.

Public Policy
Yvesner H. Zamar

Human Resources
Antonio Johnson - Co-Chair
Augustus G. Tolson, Jr. - Co-Chair

College Brothers Affairs (Commission)
Dominique C. Beaumonte

Racial Justice (Commission)
Dr. Gregory Vincent

Business & Economic Development (Commission)
Dr. William Pickard

Life Membership
Rickey L. Thigpen


Donald Jackson

Brother's Keeper
Ronald J. Peters, Jr.

Belford V. Lawson Oratorical Contest
R. Sylvester Owens 

Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Dale H. Long

Boy Scouts
Michael Files

College Life to Corporate Life
John Funny

Go to High School, Go to College
Dr. Anthony Graham

Educational Activities
James E. Baker

Health and Wellness
Dr. Wayne J. Riley

Debate Competition
Michael McClain

Internal Audit Review Team
Dexter Leon Taylor

International Affairs
Ronald Sewell

Hyacinth C. Ahuruonye

Jewels Heritage Project
E. Eric Elmore

John Hope Franklin Collegiate Scholars' Bowl
Gregory L. Baily

Leadership Development Institute
Corey Branch

M.I.S. and Technology
Rufus P. Credle, Jr. - Co-Chair
Matthew Bradford - Co-Chair

March of Dimes
Dr. Wilbert L. Brown

Military Brothers
Darryl W. Sharp, Sr.

Miss Black and Gold Pageant
Sean A. Bellamy

Project Alpha
Dr. Charles Marshall

Protocol and Logistics
Kenyatta N. Shamburger

Ron Mangum

Ritual and Ceremonies
Stephen R. Spence

Senior Alpha Affairs
Dr. Audrey L. Mackey

Step Show Competition
Cecil A. Duffie

Time and Place
Christopher Evans

Training and Development
Clifford M. Clarke

Voteless People is a Hopeless People
Cassius Rudolph

World Policy Council
Horace G. Dawson

Endowment and Capital Formation
Charles King

Fraternal Standards
Joseph Byrd

Membership Development
 Dr. Stephan W. Bridges

Executive Council
Donovan K. Kirkland

Veteran Affairs
Robert V. McDonald

Strategic Planning
John Ellis

Alpha University
Sean McCaskill

HBCUs Task Force
Dr. Roderick Smothers

Political and Civic Engagement
Wayne M. Messam

Headquarters Assessment Committee
Hebrew Dixon

Young Alphas Advisory to GP
Nicholas Harrison


Alpha Phi Alpha Building Foundation
R. Leandras "Bob" Jones

Alpha Building Foundation Corporation
James R. Williams 

Alpha Phi Alpha Charitable Foundation
Dennis G. Kemp, Sr.

Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation
Ruben Barkley


34th General President
Mark S. Tillman

33rd General President
Herman "Skip" Mason, Jr.

32nd General President
Darryl R. Matthews, Sr.

31st General President
Harry E. Johnson, Sr.

30th General President
Adrian L. Wallace

29th General President
Milton C. Davis

28th General President
Henry Ponder

27th General President
Charles C. Teamer, Sr.

25th General President
James Williams

*Appointed members